Photo Diary: Three New Yorkers in Puerto Rico

This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico.

– Luis Fonsi, “Despacito”

As you may or may not know, I recently got back from a week-long trip with my friends to Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto! We stayed at Luis’ Condominio San Tropez Airbnb in Carolina and also spent some time in Old San Juan.

Our trip consisted of multiple visits to the beach, a Casa Bacardi Rum tour, a trek through El Yunque National Forest, delicious food, and pretty cocktails.

Of course, I took way too many photos for this diary, so here’s a curation of the best ones, organized by day, beginning on August 16 and ending on August 22:

Day 1: Hitting the beach after landing in Puerto Rico

Isla Verde Beach in Carolina, PR

Beach chillin’ with Kristell

Day 2: Casa Bacardi & Raices Restaurant

Casa Bacardi Rum Distillery Puerto Rico

Fun Fact: I’m almost positive that 95% of cocktails made in Puerto Rico’s restaurants and bars contain Bacardi.

Real women wear hats 😉 Taken aboard the Casa Bacardi tram.

Bacardi Limited Reserve is AMAZING.

Casa Bacardi Rum Distillery Puerto Rico Certificate

I graduated Bacardi School!

Raices Old San Juan Chicken Empanada and Plantain

Chicken empanada and plantain for dinner at Raices in Old San Juan

Raices Old San Juan Frozen Margarita

Frozen Margarita with a green salt rim at Raices!

Day 3: El Yunque & Pirilo Pizza Rustica


Niketa at La Coca Falls

Yokahu Tower

This is what Dana wears to hike through the forest.

La Mina Falls Puerto Rico El Yunque

It took a lot of work to get all the way down into La Mina Falls.

Found this little guy at a gift shop in El Yunque Forest. Name: Juan Ponce (nickname Mini Ponce), Northern Mockingbird

Sangria from Pirilo Pizza Rustica

Sangria from Pirilo Pizza Rustica

Pirilo's Margherita Pizza

Pirilo’s Margherita Pizza.

Day 4: Old San Juan’s Casa Blanca, Forts, Castles, La Rumba Cruise & More

Portrait of Juan Ponce De Leon at Casa Blanca

Portrait of Juan Ponce De Leon at Casa Blanca

El Morro

El Morro

Iguana at El Morro!

Iguana at El Morro!

El Morro selfie

El Morro selfie

Old San Juan

Old San Juan

Soldiers stand guard at Castillo San Cristobal

Soldiers stand guard at Castillo San Cristobal. I swear the one on the far left looks like Hugh Laurie!

Castillo San Cristobal

Castillo San Cristobal

Aboard La Rumba Party Cruise

Aboard La Rumba Party Cruise

La Rumba Cruise

La Rumba Cruise

Brava at El San Juan

Brava nightclub at El San Juan

Day 5: Museo de las Americas, Señor Paleta, Platos Restaurant, & More


These guys at Museo de las Americas looked fun.


Art at Museo de San Juan


The line outside Senor Paleta


Strawberry Lemonade from Señor Paleta


Pigeon stampede at Parque de las Palmas


Dinner at Platos in Carolina, PR


Coconut Sangria from Platos

Ricaturas cartoon of Kristell, Niketa, and I during our visit to Platos!

Ricaturas cartoon of Kristell, Niketa, and I during our visit to Platos!

Day 6: Ocean Park Beach & Solar Eclipse 2017


Corona con lima at Ocean Park Beach


Coconut ice cream on the beach


At this moment, I realized I did not want to leave Ocean Park Beach, much less Puerto Rico.


I saw the solar eclipse through the end of a street cone (don’t ask).

Day 7: Returning to New York

Thanks for the mems, PR.

And now I’m back in NYC. Puerto Rico was wayyyy too much fun! I’ve never vacationed on an island before this, and boy do I finally understand why it’s such a popular spot. So relaxing and so much culture to explore.

The road rage on the island definitely needs to chill out. Other than that, my friends and I had an amazing adventure.

Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

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