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Gallery Mondays: Rise Above

About two weeks ago I saw this amazing art installation in the Flatiron Prow Art Space.

Created by Sarah Haviland, the installation is called Rise Above, and it glows beautifully in this space at night.

I’m not sure what it looks like during the daylight hours, but those winged figures sure look magical in the dark.

Learn more about the installation here.


3 responses to “Gallery Mondays: Rise Above”

  1. Thank you, Whisper Box, for featuring my Flatiron installation “Rise Above,” curated by Cheryl McGinnis Projects, on your Gallery Mondays blog. More photos of the piece can be seen at

    This is the last week for the show, with a special closing event with dance on Thursday evening, 3/16, from 5:30-6:30pm. More sculptures can be found on Instagram@ s_haviland, and my website:

  2. Thank you so much for this love post. I will share it with all. Love that you are looking at art. Great site.

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