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Sole Patches Review



*This post is sponsored by Sole Patches through a campaign on BrandBacker.

As someone who complains a lot about the pain suffered from wearing heels, I was really excited when I was accepted to the Sole Patches campaign on BrandBacker.

Invented by Jenn Hwang, the founder and CEO of Sole Patches, these flower-shaped adhesive pads are made using PORON®, which absorbs the shock that creates excruciating pain when walking in heels. PORON® also has antimicrobial properties and repels both moisture and foot odor.

With Sole Patches, you have the option to stick the pads directly onto your feet or onto the soles of your shoes. The adhesive doesn’t wear off after one use, so you can take them off and reuse them more than once.

I used these on my combat boots for church on Christmas day. Opting to place them directly on the soles of my boots, I stuck two pads inside of each–one on the heel and another where the ball of my foot sits.

The block heel combat boots I tested Sole Patches on.

The walk to the train station is about 15 minutes from my house. Add another 8 minutes from the train station to the church, and usually my feet are already burning in plain. That wasn’t the case, thanks to Sole Patches!

However, I did experience pain while standing in one place for more than 10 minutes at a time. On two occasions (once while standing in front of the altar and again while standing in the pews) I felt that familiar burning sensation on my heels and on the balls of my feet. That being said, as soon as I started walking again, the pain went away, and when I got home, my feet weren’t sore.

The Verdict

I wouldn’t recommend Sole Patches for events where you’ll find yourself standing in one place for too long. They’ll work better if you’re moving around frequently while walking or perhaps dancing. They’re great for people with large shoe collections, since the adhesive is strong enough to use the pads on multiple shoes before having to toss them.

Learn more about Sole Patches and find out where you can buy them at


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