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Gallery Mondays: Roberto Fabelo’s ‘Éxtasis de la Carne Huidiza’

Roberto Fabelo's Éxtasis de la Carne Huidiza

I don’t have allergies, but a lot of people I live and work around do, so some mornings I wake up feeling like this woman in Roberto Fabelo’s ‘Éxtasis de la Carne Huidiza’—minus the pigs on her face.

No swine flu is catching this chick a week before her birthday.

I saw this painting in the fall of 2015 at Robert Miller Gallery’s Nuevos Colores exhibit in Chelsea. The exhibit featured many works from Hispanic artists.

This oil on canvas painting stuck me as quite grotesque and shocking because of how the woman’s tongue is falling out of her mouth. She must really be half-dying with whatever she’s come down with.

My heart goes out to all you guys suffering with allergies this spring due to the pollen.

See more of Roberto Fabelo’s work over at




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