Gallery Mondays: Agoraphobic Gallery

agoraphobic traveller gallery

As a Google Maps Local Guide, I was invited to visit Agoraphobic Gallery over on 39 Spring Street in NYC earlier this month.

The gallery was quite interesting, as is the woman behind it, Jacqui Kenny, a.k.a. the Agoraphobic Traveller. Her agoraphobia makes it difficult to travel, so she peruses Google Maps street view as a way of traveling the world, taking cool screenshots along the way. She finds some really interesting hidden gems in her Google Maps travels, which made it into this gallery.

One of my favorites is the promo image used for the gallery, which I got to see IRL on a long skinny illuminated table lined with Kenny’s screenshots. Called “Camels getting out of the way of the Google car in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates,” it features two gorgeous camels in the desert. I can imagine how awesome it must have felt to come across this find. I don’t usually look at Google Maps of places outside the US, so for me this is a really cool scene to have found.

You can view more of Kenny’s agoraphobic travels on Instagram.

(NSFW) Men on Instagram Put Cocks in Socks for Testicular Cancer Awareness


2014-03-27_07-54-21-1Well, at least we know where the ladies will be headed for Man Candy Monday from now on!

In honor of Testicular Cancer Awareness, men on Instagram are taking photos wearing only a sock over their penises.

Hey, I’m not complaining!

The photos began to attract attention on March 25th, and some are considering #CocksInSocks a new meme.

The photos are also on their Facebook page and their Twitter.

For a couple of hours on Tuesday, Instagram actually blocked the hashtag. Thankfully, they unblocked it again, but some individual photos are blocked. Facebook has also been blocking a few of the photos.

2014-03-27_07-50-41-1 2014-03-27_07-50-50-1 2014-03-27_07-50-57-1 2014-03-27_07-51-35-1 2014-03-27_07-53-27-1


Plenty of cocks in socks to go ’round, ladies!

Apparently the idea stemmed from the British nonprofit Cancer Research UK who raised more than $3.3 million with the #NoMakeupSelfie.

Although the #CockInASock hashtag currently isn’t raising any money, you can still donate to the Testicular Cancer Society here.

Just think of all the money these selfies would raise!

I found Trinidad Carney’s comment on a BuzzFeed article about the selfies very funny:


Successful fundraiser indeed!

Demi Lovato Nude Photos


Hold your horses, guys. The photos have not been released.

Not yet, at least.

According to RadarOnline, about 20 nude photos of singer and X Factor judge Demi Lovato have been emailed to the site for sale.

The photos are quite racy, including some nude bathtub pics and a few of Demi topless on a bed.

However, we’re not 100% that these photos are of Demi Lovato.

They do have indicators, though. The tattoo of 12 birds that Demi has on her arm is on the arm of the woman in the photo as well.

The person trying to sell the photos to RadarOnline states, “These are Demi. The collection I have show some nude, including face, some including parts of the body Demi is known for — tattoos, butt, chin. Then, I have pictures of her getting rowdy… I can guarantee you these photos are legitimately of Demi. “

Interestingly, last year, Demi staged a fake Twitter hack prank. In a tweet she wrote, “Demi’s twitter is hacked. Want to see Demi naked? Here it is..” She then posted a photo of a naked Barbie doll with her head photoshopped onto it.

This doesn’t seem to be one of Demi’s pranks this time.

I really hope these photos aren’t real. Demi Lovato and her publicist have not made any comments about this scandal.

If these photos leak, what could it mean for the X Factor season 3?

Whatever happens, it doesn’t look good so far.