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DSLR Diaries: Artemis Lucille & the Birds

If you follow me on Instagram or watch my YouTube channel, you’ll know that I’m the proud owner of a new Canon EOS 4000D. It’s my first ever DSLR camera, and I’m so excited to be considered an amateur photographer.

As I practice taking photos, I figured it would be fun to start a new series called “DSLR Diaries” where I share some of my favorite shots for the month. My ultimate faves go on my Instagram stories immediately after I’ve taken them, so I’m not going to repost those here. Make sure to follow @thewhisperbox so you don’t miss them!

Enjoy my July 2019 in photos!

This box remained in the living room for several weeks because Artemis Lucille the cat loved it so much.
Sidewalk floralia in Washington Heights, NYC.
A cool shot of docked CitiBikes in Chinatown/Little Italy.
sidewalk chalk art
Chalk art on the sidewalk on Grand Street of interlaced hearts <3.
chandelier close up
Okay, so I technically posted this one on my Instagram stories already but this chandelier close up is too cool!
genesee cream ale
My boyfriend’s favorite beer, Genesee, at the East Harlem Bottling Co.
Dinner at East Harlem Bottling Co.
yellow flower
I couldn’t resist taking a closeup of this yellow flower in Babylon, NY.
A bird day afternoon in Argyle Park.
A graceful swan in Argyle Lake.

Check out my Canon EOS 4000D unboxing video if you haven’t already!


2 responses to “DSLR Diaries: Artemis Lucille & the Birds”

  1. Great shots! Artemis is precious.

    1. Thanks! She’s my roommate’s 😸

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