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My Spotify 2017 Wrapped (Year in Music)

spotify 2017 wrapped

I haven’t been feeling too well over the last few days. Since I started my holiday vacation, I’ve gotten a headache every evening after dinner. That’s why I was unable to post for Gallery Mondays and Wardrobe Wednesdays. I’m so sorry!

If I hadn’t scheduled my winter playlist in advance, that still wouldn’t be up either.

To make up for my absence, I’ve decided to share with you all my Spotify 2017 Year in Music, also known as Spotify 2017 Wrapped.

I’m not sure why, but the way they present the data keeps changing every year. The first time I did this back in 2014, the data was laid out simply and beautifully with bar charts, percentages, and more.

Now they’re going over the top to bring you measly top fives in categories like genre and such. You’re presented with a mini quiz where you guess your most played artists, song, and etc. before they give you the actual results. What gives?

Anyway, here’s what I found:

1. Top Artist: Andrew Belle

This I know for sure is true. When his album Dive Deep came out, I could not stop listening. Kye Kye came in second, as I discovered new tracks from them that I loved from previous albums (they really need to make some new music)!

2. Top Song: “Her” by Kye Kye

As I mentioned before, “Her” is one of the Kye Kye songs I hadn’t noticed last year. It’s so good! “Nightmare” by Rye is also brilliant with its subtly menacing vibes. I hope we hear some new material from Rye in 2018.

3. Top Genre: Indietronica

Indietronica FTW! Now when I tell people that’s my favorite genre, I won’t be lying lol. I’ve loved indietronica since my last few years of high school. It’s such a fun innovative genre.

As for the other genres besides Pop, I know nothing specific about their characteristics, so I can’t tell which songs landed me there.

You can also check out a playlist of my 100 most played songs on Spotify:

See your Spotify 2017 Wrapped here:


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