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Gallery Mondays: Teacups and Teapots


Happy Independence Day!

I saw this lovely work of art above the table I sat at with my family while eating at Perkins in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada back in May. I was fascinated by how detailed each teacup and teapot were depicted!

The signature on the bottom of the piece was very hard to decipher, but searching through Google with the photo I took of it brought up some results suggesting that it’s by Nicole Favresse. The work is called Porcelaine de Paris I

I chose this piece for today in particular because July 4th, also known as Independence Day, reminds me of all the drama that went down in the 13 Colonies before 1776—like the Boston Tea Party.

These look like the kind of porcelain cups and pots they used to make and drink tea with back then, don’t they?! Clink a sassy cup of tea today and celebrate your independence, my fellow Americanos!


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