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It’s Poem in Your Pocket Day!


Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day! Although I won’t be literally carrying a poem in my pocket today, I’ve decided to share a poem here on The Whisper Box.

Yes, you may not know this but my writing extends to creative writing as well. I’ve actually been working on two poetry projects that I might decide to publish in the near future.

Most of my poetry is contemporary romantic.

This poem is called “Cosi Dolce” which is Italian for “sweet thing” (I was an Italian Studies minor, forgive me).

So here we go! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Cosi Dolce

I had a dream at midday,
At around three in the afternoon.
I was an audience member on a TV show
I don’t remember which one it was,
but at one point I was chosen
to go up onto the stage.
Then all of a sudden
I was on a bus—
a yellow school bus,
and I saw an old friend of mine
from school, sitting all the way
in the back by herself.
We started chatting about a whole lot
of nothing, and then
I was at home
by myself, seeing myself
from the couch
on a screen
and for some reason
I was on stage again
and I kissed you.
I slid my feet across the floor,
a short distance between us,
closed by two swift movements,
and you drew me in close,
as if no one was watching,
you dipped me,
leaned down,
and grabbed my mouth
between your lips.
The thing is,
I didn’t remember doing this
until I saw it
in live color
on the TV.

Also, check out one of my favorite poems “A Wedding,” by one of my favorite poets, James Tate.

Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day!


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