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Meet 10 & 10 Nail Lacquer Mixologists Tearra & Lorryn

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have all the nail polish you could want at your fingertips? Allow me to introduce you to Tearra and Lorryn Moore, two ladies who are lucky enough to have that luxury.

These two female entrepreneurs mix their own nail polish. How cool is that!

Sisters Tearra, 28, and Lorryn, 23, are the proud owners of 10 & 10 Nail Lacquer. Born and raised in Queens, NY, the two take pride in their work as female entrepreneurs. When they’re not too busy with nail polish, Tearra is helping the city of New York as an investigator and Lorryn is working at a craft store.

Tearra and Lorryn were nice enough to let me ask them a few questions about 10 & 10 Lacquer and their love for all things manicured.

Me: What made you decide to start a nail polish line?

Tearra: As children, we were always interested in painting our nails. We did, and we still do, nail designs, and we loved the variety of colors. But changing your nail polish everyday and wanting new colors can be pretty costly, so we decided to start making our own. We can always create new colors and include whatever we want, like scents to polish, color changing polishes, glitters and more!

Lorryn: Like Tearra said, we wanted more control of colors. We also just wanted to find a way turn our hobby into something bigger.

Me: What’s your favorite nail polish color from your line?

Tearra: My favorite is “Black Roses” from the First Love collection. It’s a really deep red with loads of glitter. It definitely has great sparkle.

Lorryn: My favorite color is “Frosted Blueberry” from the Autumn Harvest collection. I think its a color I can use year round and it looks good with all our current glitter toppers.

Lorryn Moore (left) and Tearra Moore (right) mix their own nail polish
Lorryn Moore (left) and Tearra Moore (right) turned their love for nail polish into their own company, 10 & 10 Nail Lacquer.

Me: Describe what it feels like to finish applying a fresh coat of 10 & 10 nail polish to your nails.

Tearra: It feels amazing. Especially knowing that this is something we created.

Lorryn: Every time I finish painting my nails with a fresh coat of 10 & 10 nail polish I find every reason to show off my nails. I’m always pretty excited. Like Tearra said, It feels great knowing its something we created.

Me: Name a celebrity you’d love to wear your nail polish and which color could you see them wearing?

Tearra & Lorryn: BEYONCÉ!!

Tearra: Beyoncé has worn a variety of colors on her nails, but I would style her nails with “Butternut Squash” from the Autumn Harvest collection. The color would go beautifully with her complexion.

Lorryn: I think Beyoncé would wear “Rum Punch” from our Summer Social collection. It’s a fierce orange color with gold glitters throughout.

Me: How do you feel about award show mani cams? If you watch award shows, which celebrity fingers are you always excited to see walk the mani cam red carpet?

Tearra: I think its real cool that they pay attention to the nails of the stars. It’s always about what what the artist is wearing or what shoes they have on, so focusing on the nails makes me feel that more important. I always get excited to see what nail art Zooey Deschanel will have on her fingers.

Lorryn: I think the mani cam is fun. It’s nice seeing what nail art colors [celebrities] are wearing. I don’t really watch award shows often, but I’ve seen recaps on blogs. One of my favorite mani’s are from Janelle Monae. I know she pretty much exclusively wears black and white but I’ve seen her wear some reds. I think she’d love our “Red Delicious.”

Me: Your resolution for 2015 is to expand to the states you’ve never shipped polish to. I know it’s only February, but how is the resolution coming along?

Tearra: It’s going great. Even getting our name out there, and people checking out of site from other states is a big deal. We have had people from all over the world, like Pakistan, and the UK contact us. Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship internationally, but they know we exist!

Lorryn: Its going well! We actually got a great response from our announcement on Instagram, and already made some sales to new states.

Me: What does being a female entrepreneur mean to you?

Tearra: Females have come a long way in life. In the earlier times, women were housewives, who simply cooked, cleaned, and took care of the children, while the men or the “providers” were the workers and entrepreneurs. Not only are we women that have built something we know will be great, but we are young. As young female entrepreneurs with a positive, focused outlook on the future, we are destined for success.

Lorryn: Being a female entrepreneur means working together with a lot of other female entrepreneurs. There aren’t many of us and its important that we stick together and encourage each other. We go to a lot of women in business mixers, and we find the energy to be uplifting.

Me: What is your favorite fashion/beauty quote?

Tearra: “Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other.  If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times.” – Betsey Johnson

Lorryn: “Make-up can only make you look pretty on the outside but it doesn’t help if you’re ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the make-up.” – Audrey Hepburn

Check out 10 & 10 Lacquer on Storenvy, and follow them on Instagram!


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