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Things That Happened on ‘Miley Unplugged’

miley unplugged

Last night Miley Cyrus took over MTV for an hour to perform for the series MTV Unplugged.

It wasn’t as outrageous as it could have been, but maybe that’s because she’s already done enough craziness on MTV for the VMAs.

As the promo art for the show suggested, the acoustic performances of songs from Bangerz would be country themed.

She went all out. Really. Red and white checkered onesie, cowboy hat and all!

I will admit that the first outfit was very cute.

In the audience, some familiar faces popped up on screen, including Youtubers Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta and Ricky Dillon. Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus were also present.

Here’s a list of totally Miley things that happened during the performance:

– During “Do My Thang”: Miley grinded her booty on the horse. I feel bad for the two people in that costume.

– During “#GetItRight”: Miley upgrades to full on twerking on the horse, spanking the rear portion of the horse, and finally (and most unfortunately) she gets on top of the horse and rides it inappropriately.

– During “SMS (Bangerz)”: For some reason she kept tapping her lady junk during this number.

– During “Don’t Tell Me”/”We Can’t Stop”: Madonna joined Miley for this one, and ended up grinding with her and getting spanked by her. Well.

I will admit that I very much enjoyed her performance of “Rooting For My Baby.” She actually calmed the heck down for a good four minutes to pour her heart into that song.

Hope you all enjoyed ‘Miley Unplugged,’ and for those going to see her in concert this spring, have fun!


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