Fan Art Fridays: Temporary Hiatus

Fan Art Fridays will be back next week!

Long Term Hiatus


Let’s begin with the sad news.

Sad news is that beginning tomorrow, February 9, 2017 I’ll taking a long term break from blogging. Don’t worry–it’s nothing major. I just really need a little vacay from the blogging world. Which brings me to the good news …

The good news is that I’ll be returning on March 2, 2017 with an awesome February¬†Favorites post!

So, in the words of The Terminator, “I’ll be back.”

Temporary Hiatus 

As you may have noticed, Wardrobe Wednesdays took a little break yesterday. Fan Art Fridays will also take a break tomorrow so that I can enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday (and my food coma) with my family.

I’ll be back on Monday! 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving y’all!