June Favorites: ‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Announcement & Beyoncé’s “Black Parade”

I really don’t have an excuse for not having this favorites post done before the 10th so I’m just going to skip any nonsense explanations and get right to it.

Enjoy my June 2020 favorites below.

Favorite News Articles

1. Lucifer season 5 is coming this summer. So glad it didn’t get postponed with all the mess going on in the world!

2. A Kentucky tattoo parlor is covering racist ink for free. Now this is how you start meaningful change in majority White communities. #BLM

3. Barbara Streisand gave Gianna Floyd Disney stock. YES to everything about this!

4. An audience of plants attended a symphony in Spain. Is this the secret to enormous plant growth?

Favorite Music
1. “Black Parade” by Beyoncé. I felt this Juneteenth jam deep in my Afro-Latina/West Indian soul.

2. “My People” by Amber Mark. Another Juneteenth tune that hit just right in the most minimalist way.

3. “Risk” by FKJ & Bas (Galimatias Version). Anything Galimatias touches is magic.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams
1. Weylie’s short hair making her look like she just walked straight out of Animal Crossing.

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The last time my hair was this short, I was in the 2nd grade & my mom made me cut it this short so she won’t have to spend money on more haircuts 😂 I remember crying the entire bus ride home while my grandma comforted me. I was not allowed to grow my hair out until I was around 6-7 years old. In some traditional Chinese families (like mine), I was not desired because I was born a girl. My grandmother (on my dad’s side) made my parents dress me in boy clothes & have a buzz cut because boys bring honor to the family. (Girl, really ridiculous I know 🥴). I was made fun of at school everyday and finally my principal called my mom and asked why she wouldn’t allow me to have a choice in the way I looked. Thank you principal because from then on, my mom went against my grandmothers wishes & let me make my own choices. It took years before I had shoulder length hair & it meant so much to me. Then my mom made me cut it!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Over the years, my family finally loosened up and started to appreciate all the girls too! Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little story. Also, check out that peace sign tho ✌🏼😂

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2. Adele teasing us and then stating new music will not be coming until the world is no longer on the brink of ending.

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3. Jojo Siwa is no longer a blondie.

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wait for it…..

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Favorite TV Episodes

Waiting for whatever shows are able to come back after the spring hiatus.

Favorite YouTube Videos
1. Love a lil serenade from my girl Sarah Baska.

2. I was actually fooled into thinking Lilly Singh would legit get a mask toward the end there 😂

But seriously, don’t forget your mask!

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