November Favorites: Pizza ID, ‘That’s So Raven 2’ Cast & Mike Falzone’s Wedding


November 2016, man.

Anyway, a lot of awesome stuff happened in pop culture during November 2016 in spite of other terrible things that may or may not be worrying us about the future. So let’s just forget about those and enjoy my faves for the month.

Favorite News Articles

1. This woman thought she could get into a bar using pizza as an ID. Tough luck.

2. That’s So Raven 2 cast details! So excited for this.

3. Apparently Ben Affleck’s son caught a cold from Prince George. Does a royal cold feel any different from a normal one?

4. Kanye West tried to work from his hospital bed. Rest is for the weak.

Favorite Music

1. “Stop Me” by Nick Murphy. I was having trouble understanding why the vocals sounded like Chet Faker and then I was like, mind blown.

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Gallery Mondays: Puck


Back in September, I was walking through NoLIta after buying tickets for a show at Mercury Lounge when I saw this golden statue on the Puck Building, known as the home of retail store REI.

When I first saw the statue, which is one of Shakespeare’s characters named Puck (hence the name of the building), I thought he was a cherub. Now I’m realizing that if he has wings, they’re not really visible. Would he even qualify as a fairy?

Do fairies need to have wings to be fairies?

Anyway, I do like that little tophat Puck has in this statue. I wonder if all of the building’s Puck statues are holding the same pose.

I guess I’ll have to go back there one day to have a look.


Fan Art Fridays: Lucifer

Lucifer‘s mid season finale was this week, and I can’t handle the fact that the show won’t be back until the middle of January 2017!

How could FOX do this to us?

Until then, let’s reminisce with this piece of fan art I found of Lucifer and Det. Decker on Deviant Art. It’s by La Mora and features the two in a warm embrace.

I can’t wait to see season 2B!

View the original fan art here.