Wardrobe Wednesdays: Kate Middleton in Kelowna, British Columbia


The Duchess Kate Middleton is currently on tour with the royal family in Canada, and the only thing cuter than her kids Charlotte and George are her outfits!

On September 27th while in Kelowna, British Columbia, she wore a super cute Dolce and Gabbana green midi dress with gold buttons on the top half and nude color pumps. I’d like to see Kate in green more often, please.

Below is the original dress (marked with *) plus an alternative and some nude pumps to help you pull off the look.


1. Matchesfashion.com, $3,545.00 *

2. TBDress, $23.91


3. Bloomingdales, $60.00

4. Macy’s, $59.99 


Gallery Mondays: URBANIMAL’s Pet Dragon

urbanimal truck art

I’ve had this pic sitting in my phone for a few month’s now. I felt it was time to unleash the dragon in this graffiti by URBANIMAL.

I saw this piece on a truck on the corner of West 37th and 8th Ave, and I immediately knew it was by URBANIMAL because of the way the eyes on the characters are depicted and the fact that his art is all over trucks in Midtown West. I love the vibrant color.

For some reason, the woman in the piece looks a little bit like Gayle from Bob’s Burgers. Is it just me? Also, is she holding that dragon by pink bejeweled reins?!

See more of URBANIMAL’s work on Instagram.

Fan Art Fridays: Gigi Hadid

gigi hadid fan art

Gigi Hadid had a rough week, so Fan Art Fridays is going out to her today.

Celeb prankster Vitalii Sediuk managed to grab and lift the model up as she was walking out of a fashion show in Milan with her sister Bella on Thursday. Gigi fought him off, as I would have done, and security came swarming in to get her to calm down when she started chasing after him in fury.

I’m not one for violence, but Sediuk really deserved to get his face punched in. He needs to learn a lesson.

Anyway, here’s a glamorous portrait I found on Deviant Art by Katharina0595 of Gigi Hadid in red, wearing a flower crown and dangling earrings. The fan art was created using Faber Castell colored pencils, which I must say do a fabulous job creating vibrant red hues.

View the original on Deviant Art.

Wardrobe Wednesdays: Kristen Bell @ 68th Emmys


Kristen Bell basically won Best Dressed on everyone’s 2016 Emmy Awards fashion list this year, and rightfully so.

The actress wore a plunging , floor length Zuhair Murad dress to the show on Sunday, which was the perfect ode to the last few days of summer with its colorful floral print against a beige fabric.

The dress isn’t available to the public yet, but below are two picks inspired by Kristen Bell’s look.


1. Nordstrom, $236.00

2. Oasap, $19.99


Gallery Mondays: The Birds

denton burrows art

Fall is literally two days away, so the lovely birds that came to visit NYC for the summer will be headed south soon.

I saw this amazing street art by Denton Burrows on a shipping container near the intersection of Ludow and East Houston Street in the East Village earlier this month. The two birds painted on the container look like the cutest couple snuggling up together on that branch!

I love that these colorful birds are set against the sky blue background, making it feel as if you’re actually staring at two birds sitting high up in a tree. Cue “The K-I-S-S-I-N-G Song.”

Also, is it just me, or does that green leaf in the bottom right corner look like some sort of smiley face leaf emoji?

See art by Denton Burrows at www.dentonburrows.com.

Wardrobe Wednesdays: Priyanka Chopra in NYC for NYFW Fall 2016


Quantico‘s Priyanka Chopra was spotted during NYFW at the Altuzarra show wearing a simple pink knit dress from the SS17 Resort collection.

She paired the dress with black strappy block heel sandals and a gorgeous dusty rose colored lip. I absolutely love that lipstick on her!

Below are some pieces inspired by Priyanka’s outfit. Enjoy the rest of NYFW!


1. Maykool, $7.99

2. Chicnova, $18.00


3. TopShop, $20.00 

4. Nordstrom, $98.95

Gallery Mondays: Béatrice Coron’s “Elegant”

elegant beatrice coron 104 street A train station

NYFW SS17 is in full swing! It’s so much fun just walking around Manhattan during New York Fashion Week and seeing all the fashionable people walking about from venue to venue between shows.

I got off the A train at 104 Street last week on the way to my parents’ house and I remembered Béatrice Coron’s stainless steel cutout “Elegant” from the installation On the Right Track. It’s like the woman in the cutout just walked off the runway wearing that gorgeous gown.

Enjoy the rest of NYFW!

Learn more about On the Right Track.

Fan Art Fridays: Tim Gunn

tim gunn fan art

I woke up this morning to find Tim Gunn trending on social media because of this piece he wrote for the Washington Post about fashion designers refusing to make clothes that fit American women.

It becomes a problem when consumers see how a piece of clothing looks on a model of a certain height and weight but then the sizing of the garment is capped so that only some of us can enjoy wearing it. That doesn’t seem fair.

It’s 2016. Body shaming should be a thing of the past. You’d think clothing designers would have realized that by now, but they still won’t get with the program.

I decided to feature Tim Gunn for this week’s Fan Art Fridays at the height of NYFW to applaud his stance on the issue. I’m glad he took the time to write this. Tim Gunn looks deep in thought in this vector by ZNECO on Deviant Art.

View the original fan art here.