Gallery Mondays: Woodrow White’s ‘Dip’

woodrow white dip

Happy Memorial Day!

Lots of beaches and pools are opening today (and if not, they will be soon), marking the first unofficial day of summer.

Because of this, I’ve decided to feature Woodrow White’s painting Dip, which I saw back in 2014 at the Joshua Liner Gallery Your Favorite Artists Favorite Artist exhibit in NYC.

That vibrant green pool water and oscillation is so summer.

See more of Woodrow White’s work at

Fan Art Fridays: Calvin Harris

calvin harris fan art

Today we got word from Calvin Harris via Twitter that he’s doing well after that car accident he got into last Friday.


To celebrate, here’s some awesome fan art I found of Calvin Harris on Instagram by Everton. Loving that galactic vibe going on in the background.

View the original fan art here.

Wardrobe Wednesdays: Lucy Hale @ 2016 Billboard Music Awards

Lucy Hale Billboard Music Awards 2016

I tend to have a soft spot for people who show up at award shows like the Billboard Music Awards wearing something simple that stuns. Lucy Hale happened to be the celeb that did just that.

She wore a plum colored lace turtleneck with a black lace mini skirt and black strappy heels, carrying a purple box clutch in hand.

You have to appreciate the fact that she’s wearing more than just one lace item yet it still doesn’t look like too much for one outfit.

And did you see the back of her hair?!

Below are items similar to what Lucy Hale is wearing. Whose style did you like most at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards?


1. Gilt, $79.00

2. Chic Wish, $38.17


3. LuLu’s, $32.00 

4. Go Jane, $24.72


5. Akira, $59.90

6. Amazon, $33.99


7. Nordstrom Rack, $69.97

8. Perfect Handbags, £39.00 ($57.32 USD)

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows’ NYC Premiere

tmnt out of the shadows nyc premiere

As many of you know, I turned 22 last week, and I decided to celebrate on Sunday by hauling myself and my mom to the NYC premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, which was held at The Theater at Madison Square Garden!

Because who could pass up seeing a free screening of a film in a room with a bunch of other fans and actors from the movie?!

I got the tickets through Gofobo a few weeks prior. On the day of the premiere, I got a nice little email from them telling me that there’s a chance I might not get into the theater. And that if I wanted to get in I should arrive close to when the line opens at noon.

The premiere wouldn’t start until three. That meant three hours in heels. WHY.

Anyway, I did it, and it was fun!

When my mom and I got there, the line was already wrapped around the block so we panicked all the way up till about 2:55pm when they stamped my printed ticket allowing me to get the MSG theater tix.

By the time I actually got the tickets it was 3:05pm. I was already pretty bummed because only those dressed in costume were allowed access to the red carpet, meaning I hardly got to see any celebrities.

At this point my feet were burning in my heels! Then my mom and I got through security, started walking in to the never ending maze that is Madison Square Garden and guard goes “It’s starting!”

He really just wanted to see people running in heels because it was a lie!

They gave us free popcorn and soda at the door (all’s forgiven now for sure!) and then my mom and I found our seats with the help of a slightly far-sighted usher.

tmnt msg theater popcorn

I have no clue why, but whoever was in charge of the lights kept on pranking us by turning them all the way down, causing us to believe the movie was about to begin.

They did that three times before four 1991-style Ninja Turtles came down the aisles, Donatello nearest to the aisle I was sitting in, and Vanilla Ice took the stage for “Ninja Rap.”

I’m so young I didn’t realize it was Vanilla Ice for a few minutes! Stephen Amell (Casey Jones) got some of it on video:

Of course, everyone got out of their seats for this, which wouldn’t have been a bad thing if my feet weren’t still recovering from three hours in that line! Reluctantly, I stood up too, barefoot because I was not about to miss this.

The movie began shortly after, causing a lot of hollering from the audience. I mean, jeez. They even hollered when Alibaba Group came on in the opening credits.

I won’t spoil the film for you, but I’ll say this: The roof is definitely on fire!

If you’re planning to go see it when it’s out on June 3rd, I’m sure you’ll love it, even if you’re not a die hard fan. Tyler Perry plays Baxter in the film, and he’s nerdified to the point of no return, which is hilarious.

Special thanks to Gofobo for making my birthday weekend fun!
tmnt out of the shadows premiere msg theater

Gallery Mondays: Linda Ganjian’s ‘Home Sweet Home’

home sweet home linda ganjian 111 street subway station

I didn’t get to see the station art at 111 Street on the A train line until last month. I had honestly forgotten that the station got renovated in general, so it was nice walking onto the platform and seeing Linda Ganjian’s Home Sweet Home stainless steel cut outs on the panels.

What I really love about this is the fact that the design doesn’t end with the house. It continues in a neat border pattern, almost as if the house were being framed.

Funny that I actually was headed home sweet home when I saw them…

Learn more about Linda Ganjian’s art here.

Fan Art Fridays: That Dangerous Woman Ariana Grande

ariana grande dangerous woman fan art

Do you know that “Dangerous Woman”? The “Greedy” one that makes “Bad Decisions”?

Well her album came out today. (Now I guess you can tell which tracks from Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman are my faves!)

I’ve been waiting for today since the beginning of spring because I was so impressed with the singles “Dangerous Woman” and “Let Me Love You.”

Dangerous Woman is for sure going on my list of favorite albums at the end of the year. Today is my birthday, too (YAY 22!) and this is a super awesome gift from the music world.

Maybe it’s because I still associate Ariana Grande with Sam and Cat but it’s still for me to consider her dangerous. She seems so sweet in real life too!

In honor of the release of Dangerous Woman, I’ve selected this amazing fan art by Hiago Silva I found on Instagram featuring Ariana with her latex bunny headgear. It’s inspired by the new album’s cover, and it’s pretty much a complete replica of it, which I love.

View the original fan art here and read this awesome interview Ariana did with Billboard.

Wardrobe Wednesdays: Meghan Trainor on ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

meghan trainor on tonight show

On Thursday, Meghan Trainor took the stage to perform her new song “Me Too” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. As one of my favorite songs off her new album Thank You, I was super hype to watch the performance.

She got all the way to the end of the song before slipping with her chunky metallic silver platform heels and falling on her back, dragging the mic with her. #IntolerableHeelCruelty.

meghan trainor jimmy fallon fall

Regardless, she looked amazing in a green sequined bodycon dress. I just love the fact that she’s not afraid to show off those curves!

Below are two similar dresses to the one Meghan wore for her performance. If you’re willing to try the chunky heels, I advise you not spin around in them and attempt to hold onto a free-standing structure for balance. Break them in first!


1. Rickety Rack, $120.00

2. Nordstrom, $198.00


3. Net-A-Porter, $690.00

4., $737.00

Gallery Mondays: Roberto Fabelo’s ‘Éxtasis de la Carne Huidiza’

Roberto Fabelo's Éxtasis de la Carne Huidiza

I don’t have allergies, but a lot of people I live and work around do, so some mornings I wake up feeling like this woman in Roberto Fabelo’s ‘Éxtasis de la Carne Huidiza’—minus the pigs on her face.

No swine flu is catching this chick a week before her birthday.

I saw this painting in the fall of 2015 at Robert Miller Gallery’s Nuevos Colores exhibit in Chelsea. The exhibit featured many works from Hispanic artists.

This oil on canvas painting stuck me as quite grotesque and shocking because of how the woman’s tongue is falling out of her mouth. She must really be half-dying with whatever she’s come down with.

My heart goes out to all you guys suffering with allergies this spring due to the pollen.

See more of Roberto Fabelo’s work over at



Fan Art Fridays: George Clooney

george clooney fan art

As many of you know, George Clooney turned 55 last week. No matter how old that man gets, he always seems to have a touch of youthfulness in his eyes.

Yesterday I saw this article on what his wife Amal got him for his birthday. Apparently she has a sense of humor because she got her husband a lawn mower.

Yes, you read that correctly: a lawn mower.

Looks like somebody’s trying to tell their husband that he’s got chores to do!

Enjoy this re-edit of Roy Piper‘s cartoon version of George Clooney. The re-edit, done by nerdboy69 on Deviant Art, uses HDR filters and special effects to create a grainy comic-strip look.

Happy belated birthday, George Clooney!

View the original fan art here.

Wall Art That Will Bring Spring Into Your Home


The temperatures are finally reflecting spring weather in New York!

After your spring cleaning is all done, you might notice some empty space on your walls. Why not fill them with some spring-themed art?

all posters may promo code 28% off is having a great sale all May, so take 28% off these beautiful spring wall art picks with the code BLOOM16!

1. Birds Meeting.

spring art birds

Here’s to wishing the birds will line up like this on the telephone wire outside your window.

2. Rainy

rainy day spring art

For all the April showers that brought May flowers.

3. Spring Nectar Square III.

spring nectar art

The hummingbird in this piece reminds me of the song “Hummingbird Heartbeat” by Katy Perry.

4. Fragrant Spring.

fragrant spring flower art

You can’t get closer to spring than this flower painting. You just can’t.

5. Boundlessness in Bloom.

flower dress art painting

Fashionistas will fall madly in love with this one. Maybe you can even find a floral dress to match…

6. Japanese Garden in Bloom.

japanese garden in bloom art painting

You’re going to wish you could live in this painting after staring at it for so long.

7. Spring is in the Air.

spring is in the air quote poster

Indeed, it is. can it stay there?

8. Spring.

spring quote posters

Things that remind you of spring.

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