Top 3 #SuperBowl50 Commercials

super bowl 50 commercials

I’m going to be totally honest here: Super Bowl 50 was lacking in the advertising department.

Last year I picked 5 favorites because there were so many good ones to choose from. This time I was barely able to get a solid three commercials for this list! What’s going on in creative, ad agencies of the world? Coldplay catch you cold? (Halftime was awesome btw!)

Here are the three Super Bowl 50 commercials that I am looking forward to seeing over the next month or so in between television shows:

1. Amazon Echo. Leave it to Alec Baldwin to be the jerk that commands a robot and also commands Marino to stop dancing. I love Alec anyway, jerkiness and all 😉 Also, Missy Elliot was a great addition to this commercial.

2. Doritos. I would NOT be able to keep my cool if a dog showed up at my register dressed like that while I was in retail.

3. Hyundai. Do you know how mind-blowing it was to see this commercial after watching Selfless 24 hours beforehand? SOMEBODY TAKE ME TO RYANVILLE.

Which Super Bowl 50 commercials were your faves? Leave a comment below!

Gallery Mondays: Kobra’s ‘The Kiss’

the kiss kobra

Valentine’s Day is coming, so it’s time to get a bit lovey-dovey.

This colorful mural by Eduardo Kobra might trigger a black and white memory of a real life event that happened in Times Square on V-J Day in 1945 commemorating our victory over Japan.

The photo, taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt, captures one of the most romantic kisses of all time between a soldier and a nurse. Swoon.

Kobra turned their black and white memory into color, and for that I’m sure they’ll be eternally grateful.

Looking for a cute Valentine’s Day photo to take with your honey? Imitate Kobra’s street art, which can be found in Chelsea NYC, specifically on West 25th Street and 10th Avenue.

Learn more about V-J Day in Times Square here and check out more of Kobra’s work at