Gallery Mondays: Shout Out to the Bear @ the #Oscars

bear wood brooklyn

Last night was one for the history books.

Oscars 2016 will go down as the year that the Academy blatantly disrespected Black History Month by leaving all Blacks/African-Americans out of their nominations.

It will also go down as the year we were ready to throw the bear from The Revenant at them if they’d also blatantly disrespected Leonardo DiCaprio by letting him leave without the Oscar for Best Actor in a Lead Role.

And the bear from The Revenant even showed up to ensure that wouldn’t go down.

Leo won. Don’t worry. They’re off bear radar.

Let’s celebrate with this wooden bear I found outside of Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop in Dumbo.

Because I think he’s still making our little golden Oscar knight sweat over there…

Leo DiCaprio Great Gatsby party

A little party never killed nobody. Congratulations, Leo!

Fan Art Fridays: #FreeKesha

kesha fan art

Spreading some love to Kesha Rose Sebert for this week’s Fan Art Fridays.

I remember when Kesha came to perform Hofstra University for the Fall Fest. I was in my junior year on that Saturday night in September 2013 when she opened the show with “Warrior.”

That night was a blast. I went home with three pieces of the confetti from her set in my blouse.

I don’t think anyone in that crowd on the intramural fields felt anything off about her, much less her performance. One thing I do remember her telling us all to “be ourselves, unapologetically.”

So now it’s time for us to allow Kesha to be herself, the “Warrior” that she is, unapologetically.

In honor of the fight to free Kesha from her contract with Dr. Luke, I’ve chosen this beautiful fan art by AngelasPortraits on Deviant Art. Every detail in this piece of art, down to the freckles on Kesha’s face, combine to sketch the perfect portrait of a true warrior.

View the original fan art here.

Wardrobe Wednesdays: Laurel on #HTGAWM Episode “She Hates Us”

Laurel, How To Get Away With Murder

Annalise doesn’t hate you, Laurel, but she might be hatin’ on your style…

On last week’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder titled “She Hates Us,” Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) mixed business casual with biker chic in a gray sweater dress and black leather jacket.

The sweater dress has a really cute button down front that’s lined with black fabric, adding an extra dimension to the garment.

I couldn’t find any of the original items Laurel wore in the episode but I did manage to find two similar dresses and faux leather jackets to help you pull off this look.


1. TB Dress, $17.47

2. Modish, $51.00


3. G by GUESS, $79.99

4. BlueFly, $35.40

Don’t forget to catch HTGAWM Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC!

Gallery Mondays: “Winter Break” by Adrian Tomine

adrian tomine winter break

Mid-winter break is over, kiddos.

Last week I found myself wandering into The POWERHOUSE Arena, a bookstore/exhibition space in Brooklyn, where I came across several prints by cartoonist Adrian Tomine.

Tomine’s “Winter Break” stood out to me the most for two reasons. The first was the fact that it was actually mid-winter break for NYC public school students, which I was constantly reminded of when I didn’t see the school crossing guard on the way to the train station during my morning commute. The second was the fact the cartoon depicts a juxtaposed snowy city scene with an ice cream truck waiting on the block for God knows who to buy ice cream from it in the freezing cold. “Winter Break” was originally published in the February 2, 2009 issue of The New Yorker.

What I love most about this print is the silhouette of the city in the background. The light green filter over the buildings give the print a serene touch.

This print is available for purchase on Adrian Tomine’s website, and of course, at The POWERHOUSE Arena.

Fan Art Fridays: Paul McCartney

paul mccartney fan art

Paul McCartney was denied entry to Tyga’s Grammys after-party on Monday night and it’s seriously just the rudest thing I’ve heard all week.

Like, why you gotta be so mean?! Gosh.

Anyway, Paul, if you and your friends want you can totally come chill with me on my 22nd birthday in May.

I picked this sketch of Paul McCartney I found on Deviant Art to cheer up anyone that also felt this was wrong. The sketch was created by Vinicius Costa and it was inspired by this April 1965 Harpers Bazaar photo of Paul McCartney in a space suit. He looks just a tad bit sad in this sketch, doesn’t he?

View the original fan art here.

Wardrobe Wednesdays: Kaley Cuoco at the 58th #Grammys

kaley cuoco 58 grammys

I could not get over how gorgeous Kaley Cuoco looked at the 58th Grammy Awards show on Monday night!

Her outfit of choice was quite simple, styling a white sequined cutout jumpsuit by Naeem Kahn with a nude colored box clutch. I feel like the nude clutch go so well with her blonde waves, causing her to match literally from head to toe.

As Samantha Sutton writes in this Popsugar article about Kaley’s award show fashion, “the girl is always dressed for dancing.”


Below are some pieces similar to what Kaley is wearing, should you want to steal this look for a night out on the town with some friends.


1. Maycool, $29.99

2. Walmart, $21.61


3. ASOS, $48.00

4. Dune London, $59.00



Guest Blog: Simply Melissy Brings Her Favorite Characters to Life

Is New York Fashion Week causing you to want to try your hand at making and designing clothes? Melissa from Simply Melissy is a writer and sewing teacher who creates beautiful gingermelon dolls and clothes for her favorite characters! Read on to learn about her work and how she can help you create your very own designs for dolls and other characters you love!
sewing simply melissy

We all have a favorite character from our childhood. With so many old favorites being brought back to life in the 21st-century Age of the Media, it’s harder than ever to fight the nostalgia that comes with seeing characters we grew to love being on the silver screen.

Whether you’ve been a Potterhead since Hagrid said that ‘yer a wizard, or you lived in an old house in Paris covered in vines, Simply Melissy can create the doll from within the pages of old and new classics.

I’m Melissa, the founder of Simply Melissy, and I’ve been making dolls for years now. I love to make sure that all the little details that book (and movie!) lovers want to see are there. If you peek under Madeline’s dress, you’ll see the stitches from where her appendix was removed. Dobby isn’t just a doll—he comes with a whole set of clothes, from a Weasley Sweater, a hat knit by Hermione, and socks purchased the correct way—without matches!

dobby harry potter simply melissy

Some of my dolls are based off of Gingermelon patterns, but some I make myself. When I made (my personal favorite) Dobby, I spent hours studying the book text as well as the movie interpretation to craft his nose and ears just so. I decided to embroider wrinkles on his face, and even add eyelids to those big green orbs. His pillowcase tunic was hand dyed by me to get the perfect coloring.

Contact me to start the process. You can order something you already see in shop, or work with me to bring your favorite storybook, movie, or even made-up character to life. All of my dolls are handmade from felt that is made from recycled bottles. They have safety eyes, and even moveable arms!

Simply Melissy felt dolls are good for the gentle child, and even better for the nostalgic adult and avid collector!

Start now in the Simply Melissy Etsy shop. Use coupon code STORYBOOK to receive 10% off of your doll!

Follow Simply Melissy on Instagram and Facebook, and check out her blog at!