Gallery Mondays: Michael Shvo and Paul Kasmin Gallery’s #GettyStation

getty station

If you needed a good laugh today, you’re welcome.

I remember walking passed this public exhibit in Chelsea during the fall of 2013. I was on my way to an art gallery for a job assignment, but I didn’t notice this lovely faux gas station until I walked passed it a second time on my way back home.

The exhibit is called Getty Station, a public art project presented by Michael Shvo and Paul Kasmin Gallery, which features the “moutons” (French for “sheep”) from late artist François-Xavier Lalanne’s Moutons de Laine.

You can imagine how quickly my face of utter confusion quickly turned into the face of a girl who had just been ultimately trolled as I stopped to take some photos.

getty station chelsea

I’m sure all the drivers in cars passing by the exhibit in desperate need of gas were pretty upset about this.

Learn more about #GettyStation here.

Fan Art Fridays: Smart, Strong, and Educated, Featuring Tina Belcher

tina belcher bobs burgers  grad

If I’m not mistaken all the college students in the U.S. from the spring class of 2015 have graduated, as well as the majority of grade school students here in New York. I’ve been seeing a few students still travelling around in their caps and gowns during the last few days of June, so graduation season is dwindling down.

I’ve never decorated any of my graduation caps, but I’ve seen some pretty cool ones during ceremonies. I found this lovely Tina Belcher-inspired graduation cap on the Bob’s Burgers Tumblr. I can imagine how awesome it was for fans of the show to see that cap in the crowd!

Congratulations to the class of 2015, especially all you smart, strong, educated women! The women who fought for your right to get an education would be so proud of your achievements. I know Tina Belcher sure is proud!

See the original here.

Trails and Ways @ Mercury Lounge

Trails and Ways at Mercury Lounge on June 18th

Trails and Ways at Mercury Lounge on June 18th

So last week Thursday I went to my first 21+ concert at Mercury Lounge to see Trails and Ways! My friend Karina joined me, and we had so much fun.

Waterstrider opened the show at around 7pm with a song that started putting me to sleep (it was either “White Light” or “Calliope,” I really don’t remember. But then things got interesting when they played more upbeat songs like “Redwood” and “New Sun.”


Waterstrider’s lead singer Nate Salman’s high range vocals are pretty impressive, and the group’s conga player Brijean Murphy is so cool. (Side note: It wasn’t until a few minutes ago that I realized Nate Salman is the singer featured on Le Sins’ “Why”. I freaking love that song! His vocal range is lower in “Why” than most of his songs for Waterstrider, so I had a hard time believing it was him. I had to actually watch a live video to be convinced!)

Waterstrider ended at around 7:30pm, and that’s when Karina and I decided to go get some food in our bodies to then get some alcohol. I wasn’t the one who got the drinks, but according to Karina, we were served cranberry vodka with fizz and a lime. It was delicious!

Trails and Ways came on at around 8:15pm. I was super hype. They opened with “Jacaranda,” one of the last singles released from Pathology.

The band also played some of my all time favorites, “Nunca,” “Tereza,” and “Say You Will.” When they played “Dream About Me,” Karina and I went nuts because we didn’t realize Ian Quirk was the one singing on that one when we heard it on the album. He is now my personal favorite of the band.

At one point during the show, Emma stopped to tell us about how she and Hannah went to buy fanny packs at a store in NYC that they had bought the same item from a few years ago.

“It’s basically like a pocket for your waist,” she said. Keith thanked her for that fashion update and kindly asked to move on.

Trails and Ways was amazing, and even though I was kind of saddened that they played their cover of “Sure Thing” instead of “Lost” for the encore, I absolutely loved the concert. They ended with “Vines” the last track on their latest album, (making the show’s ending even more melancholy than it needed to be).

Karina was all, “It’s not over, is it?”

Couldn’t have asked for a better night to celebrate my new 21+ concert-going life!

Gallery Mondays: Life Is Beautiful


The one thing I love about Brooklyn is the amazing street art you’ll find as you walk through the neighborhoods. There’s something to love about graffiti that isn’t vandalism.

I found this gem on the side of a building on Roebling and N 9th. I really like the way the pink writing is sort of splattered with a bit of a paint drip along the side of the building and under some of the letters. The paper cut out collage look of the Roebling family portraits and other art decor behind the words is quite interesting as well.

And yes, life truly is beautiful.

Summer 2015 Beach Tunes Playlist

beach tunes

When it’s hot and you’re tired of running up your light bill with the air conditioner, there’s only one natural way to cool off…

The beach.

Summer wouldn’t be the same without some fun music to chill out with, so whether you’re hosting a beach party or just getting some much needed R&R under the sun, here’s a beach tunes playlist!

1. Blue Hawaii, ASTR: Let me just say that I am extremely jealous of you if you’re vacationing in Hawaii this summer.

2. Dana Point, Wilhelm Tell Me: This song is just adorbs, and it’s not just because the title has my name in it.

3. Poster Girl, French Horn Rebellion: I can hear the waves reaching all time highs with this tune.

4. Another Day, Strange Talk: Dreamy summer vibes all around…

5. Starships, Nicki Minaj: “Let’s go to the beach each, let’s go get away…”

6. I’m Into You, Jennifer Lopez feat. Lil’ Wayne: For all the girls who can stop falling hard for those beach boys.

7. Embrace, Pnau: Endless summer bliss, brought to you by Pnau.

8. Burn, Ellie Goulding: Do not forget the sunscreen. Please. Let anything but your actual skin burn.

9. Maliblue, Darius: Every time I hear this one I think about James Bond on the beach. So espionage.

10. California Girls, Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dog: It’s not summer until this song comes on the radio.

11. Boys, Ashlee Simpson: For all the boys that can’t stop starin.’

12. Classic, The Knocks feat. Powers: “Come to me baby, don’t be shy.” 😉

13. Sunlight, Bag Raiders: I really hope this summer drips pure sunlight.

14. Rendezvous (Saint Pepsi Remix), La Plage: Those instrumentals in the verses are just excitement central, aren’t they?

Have a happy and safe summer 2015!

Fan Art Fridays: Daddy Benedict Cumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch fan art

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, how about we celebrate Benedict Cumberbatch’s new parenthood?

Welcome to Daddyland, Sir Cumberbatch! Congratulations to you and Sophie Hunter. I cannot wait to hear what you’ve named your baby boy!

This piece of fan art looks crazy real, doesn’t it? Are his eyes that intensely green?

See the original here.

Father’s Day 2015 Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift GuideMen are really hard to shop for. I never know what to get my dad, so I make sure to pay attention to the things he complains about most. Messenger bag too small? Buy him a bigger one. Phone running out of battery too quickly? Get him a phone charging case.

It’s secretly quite simple.

For those of you who live with dad’s that don’t tend to complain about anything, here’s a gift guide to help you choose a gift!

1. Vintage Luggage, $218. Send him packin.’

2. Eyeglass Case, $5.95. He needs somewhere to rest his second pair of eyes, no?

3. Travel Mug, $22.50. For the one you call Pappy.

4. Wallet, $24.99. Stuff a couple of dollars in there while you’re at it.

5. Gaming Headset, $35.50. For the daddy that loves his video games.

6. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band, $59.99. A manly alternative to the Fitbit.

7. Cufflinks, $25.22. Let him wear New York City on his sleeve.

8. Bow Tie, $13. For the stylish daddy.

9. Bluetooth Speaker, $41.57. Teach daddy how to bust a move.

10. Whiskey Stones, $14. Daddy’s gotta have his whiskey.

11. Long Tie, $17.95. Yellow, yellow, kiss a fellow.

12. Messenger Bag, $37.90. Rugged and practical bags always win.

13. iPhone 6 Battery Case, $59.99. Never buy the dead phone excuse ever again.

Happy Father’s Day 2015!

Gallery Mondays: MTA Subway Fare Evader

subway sculpture 14 street edit

The New York City subway is a gallery in itself. The 14th Street A, C, E, L subway station is no exception.

Tom Otterness’ Life Underground is a collection that has intrigued me since I was a little girl. The bronze sculptures are put into some very comical, cartoon-like situations that almost seem human.

This one stood out to me most while coming up the stairs from the L train last Friday. With the latest MTA fare hike, who can blame this guy?

See the rest of the sculptures here.

#OITNB Season 3: Woah there, Alex Vause Is Back?!

Screenshot 2015-06-12 at 8.01.37 PM

About seven minutes into season 3 episode 1 of Orange is the New Black titled “Mother’s Day”, I had a WTF moment.

I did one of those double takes, because I really cannot believe Alex Vause managed to get herself back into Litchfield.

What even?!

Okay, screenwriters and producers, I have some questions:

1. Why is it necessary to bring Alex Vause back into the plot? (besides the fact that it may have happened in the real life version of Piper Kerman’s story)

2. How much did it cost to bring Alex Vause’s character back? (Because Laura Prepon don’t look cheap…)

3. What is this about a gun being the reason she’s back at Litchfield?

4. When are you going to have her explain the reason for her return in full detail?

5. Are we going to get a tale about that black eye?

6. Did the black eye come from one of her long lost dealer friends?

7. Is there a small part of Alex that feels safer at Litchfield? (Because, you know, dealers with weapons are scary)

8. Is Piper going to fully reignite her romance with Alex since her husband has officially left her for her best friend?

9. Is Alex going to let her?

I really hope these questions get answers by the end of the season.

Watch Orange is the New Black season 3 on Netflix.




Fan Art Fridays: Visionary Music Group’s Jon Bellion

Screenshot 2015-06-11 at 9.16.19 PM

In honor of the premiere of the music video for “Beautiful Now” by Zedd ft. Jon Bellion, I present to you none other than Visionary Music Group’s most prized possession.

Jon Bellion has a very distinctive face. I like his face. I also like his voice.

See the original on Tumblr, and watch “Beautiful Now” below!