September Favorites: RIP Joan Rivers, Goldroom’s Otoño Mix & Future Mrs. Fitz Tees

Sept faves art

Fall is here! Time for pumpkin spice, caramel apples and all those great autumn things!

This month was a series of ups and downs. Here are some of my favorites for September.

Favorite News Articles:

1. Joan Rivers’ funeral requests. In her book I Hate Everyone . . . Starting with Me, she stated that she wanted Meryl Streep at her funeral crying in five different accents. We’ll definitely miss you, Joan.

2. Kate Middleton is pregnant, but that’s not all. The Duke and Duchess want to name the baby Elizabeth Diana Windsor if it’s a girl! Don’t get too morning sick, Kate!

3. Maryland student skips school for Beyoncé‘s birthday. Talk about dedication, man.

4. Lady Gaga breaks up a fight in the crowd at her concert in Belgium. Little monsters like to bring out their claws, but Mama Gaga ain’t havin’ it!

5. Taylor Swift is Avicii’s long lost sister. Hold on, now…

Favorite Music:

1. Otoño Mix 2014 by Goldroom. Perfect for the fall season. I’m loving “All the Lights Are Low” by LeSonic feat. Lyon (NTEIBINT Remix) coming in at around 27:20 on the mix.

2. “Blame” by Calvin Harris. Oh, my gosh I cannot wait until his new album comes out in November!

3. “Never See Me Again” by Adele. Why is this an unreleased song? It could be a hit!

4. “Slow Down” by LIGHTS. Little Machines is so good! I just love LIGHTS so much!

5. “Brain in a Bottle” by Thom Yorke. This whole Torrent album release was a huge surprise.

6. “An Immigrant” by Jon Bellion. I’m really mad that his NYC show is sold out. Cruelty!

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Future Mrs. Fitz. Cue all the PLL fans maxing out their credit cards.

2. Grace Helbig and Chester See. If these two aren’t together there’s gonna be a problem. Also, happy birthday, Grace!

3. Demi got that booty doe.

Favorite TV Episodes

1. RUSH “Get Lucky”: I still can’t get over that Boss Nova beat down. Too much.

2. The Mindy Project “We’re a Couple Now, Haters”: Two words: DIAMOND DAN. WHAT EVEN IS THIS.

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. Joey Graceffa and Miranda Sings plan their wedding. I can’t even.

2. Flula is not the apple of your eye. You’ve gotta love that look he does right after he explains the idiom.

3. Mutant spider dog. This is the ultimate troll moment. I would have had a heart attack.

4. Marcus Butler’s roomates. That Pat Sajak hair though…

Goodbye, September, hello October leaves and wind!

Photo Diary: Hofstra Fall Fest 2014


Oh, what a weekend September 19-21 was.

On Saturday, I attended the last Fall Festival at Hofstra that I will ever attend before becoming Hofstra alumni. The Vibe Live concert and carnival was a totally mind blowing trip through the 80s all the way to the future and back.

I took tons of photos to remember it by, so here’s a photo diary of the 2014 Hofstra Fall Festival and Vibe Live Carnival, featuring Rubix Qube, TLC, Matt & Kim and Janelle Monae!

Parade of Floats

This year, Hofstra student-run organizations created Disney-themed floats. Game of Thrones won first place!


Aladdin Float


Rockin’ those “Thank You” signs!


Our Fall Festival 2013 King and Queen, Justin and Rachel!


Mascots Kate and Willie, followed by the cheerleaders


Aladdin banner


Cinderella banner




The Princess and the Frog float. (Peep Emi in the red dress doing the Princess wave…)


Lion King float


Bollywood float


Frozen float!


Game of Thrones float (winning float!)

Student Performers

Imani Dance Ensemble and TransenDANCE tore up the stage following the Parade of Floats.


TransenDANCE! (Aja’s hair tho!)


Werk it, girl.



Vibe Live Concert and Carnival

This year’s lineup was insane. Rubix Qube, 80s cover band made us reminisce, TLC made us proud to be 90s kids, Matt & Kim reminded us how cool it is to be weird and Janelle Monae put the electric in Electric Lady. The carnival rides were super fun, especially the Swinger in the cool September breeze.


Video killed the radio star…


Yes, that’s supposed to be Cher in FISHNETS. Cue male stage hands with smartphone cameras.


I can imagine the person in that spacesuit melted from the heat. Honestly, that must have been torturous.


Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls…


T-boz is workin’ that blond side cut!


Omj I love Chilli ❤

Our 2014 Fall Festival King and Queen, George C. and Hanna K.!

Our 2014 Fall Festival King and Queen, George C. and Hanna K.!


Kim from Matt & Kim going batsh*t crazy and walking on the crowd.


I did NOT ride the Zipper. Not about that life after that Astoria carnival in June -_- (Peep Aja’s poofy hair :p)


The 2000! Wooooohooo!


Aja looks so futuristic while on the Swinger.


The moment we’d all been waiting for *squeels*


Tip on the tight rope…


I can has the cape, Mizz Monae?


This one’s for the lovers. (PrimeTime)


Electric Ladayyyyyyayayyyy!

I had way too much fun over the weekend. Why did it have to end?

Thank you, Hofstra University for bringing such awesome talent to homecoming over the past three years!

#FashionRocks 2014 Highlights

New York Fashion week brought a night of hot models, amazing performances and bootyliciousness to the Fashion Rocks event at Barclay’s Center on Tuesday.

The show was hosted by Ryan Seacrest, who looked absolutely dapper in a suit and blue bow tie.

The evening began with the very anti-climatic entrance of Usher, introduced by a pre-taped motorcycle ride through NYC. He proceeded to perform “She Came to Give It to You” with some help from Jourdan Dunn who looked stunning!

The rest of the performances failed to disappoint. Here are some of the night’s highlights:

1. Pitbull’s Gatsby-esque performance of “Fireball.” It’s always a party with Pitbull.

2. When Ryan Seacrest stood with a group of gorgeous models.

3. Enrique Iglesias’ performance with Sean Paul.

4. JLo’s “Booty.” WOW.

5. When JLo started giving Nicki Minaj the look during her “Anaconda” performance. #BootyWars

6. When Justin Bieber stripped down to his underwear and the audience booed him.

7. Rita Ora grabbing a male model’s butt. And then wished she could follow him off stage.

8. Latrice Royale. ‘Nuff said.

What did you think of all the craziness that happened during the show?

Enjoy Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week 2014!

Fall 2014 Study Playlist

5636821732_aa791b78c9.jpg (500×332)

So I know it’s not technically fall yet but once school is back in session it might as well be.

And I couldn’t just let my last first day of classes as an undergrad go by without giving something back, so here is a playlist of my favorite study jams!

These songs have the most relaxing repetition and soothing vocals to get you in the zone. Whether it be a homework session or a long stretch of hardcore exam studying time, these tunes will be there for you when the pressure starts to build.

1. Hemisphere, Paradis: The light bell sounds throughout the song combined with the groggy French-speaking male voice is just what the doctor ordered for your study session. Also, the inception-like music video is the perfect thing to watch right before you begin studying, because it will unwind your brain into pliable mush in order to absorb all the knowledge necessary to pass. (Don’t ask how. It’s probably because your brain expands to explain the unexplainable events of the video.)

2. Parodia Flare, Tropics: Let the beautiful guitar chords immerse you in studiousness.

3. Electric Counterpoint – Fast (movement 3), Steve Reich: Train sounds just have a way of relaxing you, so let this instrumental sink you deep into your chair (or bed, or couch) and just keep on studying.

4. Nevermind, Foster the People: Nevermind whatever else is happening around you. It’s just you, the textbooks, the highlighters and the post-its. Nothing. Else. Matters.

5. If I Ever Feel Better, Phoenix: You will feel better once this test is over! You can get through this!

6. Tereza, Trails and Ways: This song will have you longing for summer again…and it will come once the school year is over!

7. Hearts a Mess, Gotye: Let the study notes occupy your mind, because your heart might be a mess, but your brain will be the most organized organ on you when you’ve finished studying.

8. Show Me, Touch Sensitive: This song is like a slow-mo cheer-on. It’s very groovy on the synth, and the recurring baby chipmunk voice saying “oooo, yay” throughout the song will be your personal cheerleader.

9. Deezy Daisy (Oxford Remix): You have full permission to take a dance break to this number. But only for this number and then back to studying!

10. Island, Yuna: “And if you drown [in all your study notes Yuna will] help you keep your head up to breathe.”

11. Rescue Song (RAC Remix), Mr Little Jeans: This lovely lady will also rescue you from your fear of failing. You won’t fail, don’t you worry!

12. Just Go, Shindu: They’ll just go on and turn your brain on so just go study!

13. New Theory (RAC Mix), Washed Out: This is one of my personal favorites. Washed Out is just so laid back and chill that there’s no way your brain will be inhibited by anything else but what you’re supposed to be studying. Just let them brain juices flow and create some new theories! (Don’t stray too far from the lesson notes though…)

14. No Work, All Play, Hilary Duff: Because we all know what a mistake that is. There will be no crammin’ here, just study jammin.’

15. Clocks, Coldplay: It is time. Go forth and pass with flying colors. “You are,” ready.

Happy studying, and have a great school year!