(NSFW) Men on Instagram Put Cocks in Socks for Testicular Cancer Awareness


2014-03-27_07-54-21-1Well, at least we know where the ladies will be headed for Man Candy Monday from now on!

In honor of Testicular Cancer Awareness, men on Instagram are taking photos wearing only a sock over their penises.

Hey, I’m not complaining!

The photos began to attract attention on March 25th, and some are considering #CocksInSocks a new meme.

The photos are also on their Facebook page and their Twitter.

For a couple of hours on Tuesday, Instagram actually blocked the hashtag. Thankfully, they unblocked it again, but some individual photos are blocked. Facebook has also been blocking a few of the photos.

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Plenty of cocks in socks to go ’round, ladies!

Apparently the idea stemmed from the British nonprofit Cancer Research UK who raised more than $3.3 million with the #NoMakeupSelfie.

Although the #CockInASock hashtag currently isn’t raising any money, you can still donate to the Testicular Cancer Society here.

Just think of all the money these selfies would raise!

I found Trinidad Carney’s comment on a BuzzFeed article about the selfies very funny:


Successful fundraiser indeed!