This Week in Music: Trails and Ways’ “Lost” (Frank Ocean Cover)

trails and ways

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of coming across the Soundcloud link to Trails and Way’s cover of Frank Ocean’s “Lost.”

I first heard of the Brazilian band Trails and Way’s while listening to the Majestic Casual playlist on YouTube. After hearing their song “Tereza,” I couldn’t stop listening to their music!

The band took Frank Ocean’s “Lost” and put an interesting multicultural spin on it. The verses of the song are sung in Brazilian Portuguese, and the chorus is in English. The Portuguese gives the song a nice island paradise feel.  A little bit of an accent is present in the chorus, which is quite nice.

The instrumentation of this cover is superb. The band fuses together the bass, piano, and drums to create a rich bossa nova vibe. With it’s medium tempo, it’s the perfect song to relax yourself after a long day.

I just love the chorus when they sing,

Now you’re lost
Lost in the heat of it all
Girl you know you’re lost
Lost in the thrill of it all
Miami, Amsterdam
Tokyo, Spain, lost
Los Angeles, India
Lost on a train, lost.

This cover will make you feel like you just took a trip around the world in your headphones!

Those of you who know and love the Frank Ocean version of this track are sure to enjoy this vamped up Brazilian edition. Check it out below.