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Ever wonder what it would be like if our favorite celebrities were normal people like us, with profiles on dating sites?

I can’t fathom a celebrity looking for love online, but Buzzfeed could! Check out their version of celebrity profiles here!

Since I loved the idea of this so much, I decided to write some for today’s post.

Behold—I present to you, “Celebrity Dating Profiles: The Whisper Box Edition.”


Bradley Cooper
38 / M / Straight / Single / Los Angeles, California

About me: I have a weird fetish for getting roped up in sticky situations. My dogs are my best friends. I love weddings. Just make sure no one ruins that occasion for me. Please.


I clean up nice.

On a Friday night I am: Drinking a bottle of Jack with my buddies at the bar.

Biggest Achievement: Being the best man at my best friend’s wedding.

Catch phrase: Baby, I’m limitless.



florence w

Florence Welch
27 / F / Straight / Single / Camberwell, London

florence welch

You’ll never know what a fool I’ve been.

About me: Lover of tragic romance. My love has concrete feet. Love me or leave me where I stand.

On a Friday night I am: Living on such sweet nothing.

Biggest achievement: Kissing a guy with my fist. He’s fine, don’t worry!

Catch phrase: The kindest of kisses break the hardest of hearts.



Keira Knightley
28 / F/ Curious / Single / Teddington, London



About me: I have the worst luck sometimes, but I make the best if it. I love Jane Austen. Sailing is one of my hobbies. Nothing but Chanel No. 5 is allowed to touch my bare neck.

On a Friday night I am: Spinstering it up with my Jane Austen book collection.

Biggest achievement: Finishing Pride and Prejudice in less than 8 hours. I have a lot of time on my hands.

Catch phrase: Peace, love, and Coco Chanel.

ezra k

Ezra Koenig
29 / M / Straight / Single / New York, New York

About me: Columbia literature grad. I love medieval culture. I’ll read you Dante’s Inferno or Thomas Aquinas any night.

ezra koenig

I have friends, I promise.

On a Friday night I am: Writing poetry in my NYC loft.

Biggest achievement: Writing an allegorical poem at 1am titled “Ottoman.”

Catch phrase: Ride on time.



Any of you a match for these lovely singletons?

Hope you enjoyed my version of celebrity online dating profiles! I had a blast writing it!

Jamie Lee Curtis Injured in Car Crash

Our favorite Freaky Friday mom got injured in a car crash on August 1st in the early morning.

Jamie Lee Curtis was riding through the traffic in Venice, California as a passenger in a black Yukon SUV. Suddenly, the car crashed into the back of a BMW.

And guess who came to her rescue?

Jodie Foster to Jamie Lee's rescue!

Jodie Foster to Jamie Lee’s rescue!

Our favorite Panic Room mom, of course!

Two separate ambulances came to take the people involved to the ER.

According to Starcrush, “Actress Jamie Lee Curtis got into a nasty car accident…one that was bad enough that she had to be taken away in an ambulance. [P]al Jodie Foster was able to swoop in like Superman to come to her aid.”

tmz crash

For photos, visit TMZ.com

Jamie Lee called Jodie Foster immediately after the crash, a witness recalls. Jodie Foster arrived at the scene in the blink of an eye. Quite cinematic.

Go mom power!

A funny comment appeared on TMZ’s site, reminding us of Jamie Lee’s infamous Activia endorsements:

fun comment jamie crashWay to make this shocking news a good laugh, Tippy!

Jamie Lee had minor injuries and is currently resting at home. The driver of the black Yukon, however, isn’t doing so great.

Best wishes for Jamie Lee’s fast and stress free recovery.